I'm not a bible belt! (justbreathe80) wrote in inuvikdotcom,
I'm not a bible belt!

A House Is Not A Home (justbreathe80)

A House Is Not A Home
F/K, NC-17, 20,782 words

Prompt: 10. Single Family (housing) 357 units

This is my post-CotW thing that ate my BRAIN. But now it is done and I am releasing it to the wild, which makes me happier than I can say. YAY.

Many, many thanks to my gaggle of betas. To brooklinegirl, who read this in parts, even though I was shooting them off to her faster than she could keep up with them, and then read it AGAIN, just because I asked and she loves me. Thanks, darling, for pushing me to make it make SENSE. And telling me that it was okay to fade-to-black.

Thanks to riverlight, who did beta duty in the midst of settling in to her new life in DC, and to my darling strangecobwebs, who betaed old-school style, by printing it out and editing on the plane on Friday. I heart you!

A House Is Not a Home (on my site)
Tags: author:justbreathe80, fraser/kowalski

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