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Rules, Prompts etc.

So here's how we're planning for this to work: we went through the website and gathered some fun facts to use as prompts, which are listed below. Initial prompt claiming is going to be open from now until Thursday. During this time, we're going to ask that you just sign up for one (1) prompt, so everyone gets a chance to claim something. But after Wednesday, we're throwing it WIDE OPEN, so go wild! Please don't sign up for more prompts than you think you're going to be able to write, but aside from that, the sky's the limit.

The posting period is October 25th through November 1st. We're not going to be crazy sticklers about that deadline, but we would LOVE to be able to read all of your stories as soon as possible, so if you can, try and plan to be finished during that time frame.

One last note: this is a rich and wonderful resource, so by all means, don't limit yourselves to the prompts we've listed! Go forth and find your own as well! Any pairings, any genre. This is a Due South challenge, but crossovers are welcome, including RPS.

Bylaws (are available in .pdf form)
NOTE: zeenell has informed me that some of the bylaw links are incorrect, and need to be manually changed from .html to .pdf in order to work
01. Zoning. 02. General Planning. 03. Building. 04. Animal Control (+Amendment). etcetera_cat 05. ATV.
06. Anti-Litter. 07. Unsightly Land and Premises. 08. Scavenging at Dump. 09. Business Licenses. 10. Water & Sewer Rates.
11. Council Proceedings. 12. Dumping Fees. 13. Highway Traffic. 14. Taxi. 15. Cemetery. eledhwenlin
16. Lottery Regulations. 17. Annual Tax Levy. 18. Tax exemption for seniors and disabilities. 19. Smoking. lordessrenegade 20. Fitness Centre.
21. Indemeties. 22. Solid Waste. 23. Term of Office for Council Members (Seriously, someone needs to write Ray the town council member) zeenell. 24. Community Plan.

Community Calendar
January 7 19th Annual Sunrise Festival nos4a2no9
February IRC Native Hockey Tournament 10-12 Canadian North Curling Bonspiel the_antichris
March 24-26 Mackenzie Jamboree (Tsiigehtchic) Mackenzie Jamboree (Tsiigehtchic) 30-April 3 Peel River Jamboree (Ft. McPherson)
April 2 Top of the World Ski Loppet 7-10 49th Muskrat Jamboree brooklinegirl 14-17 Mad Trapper Rendezvous (Aklavik) j_s_cavalcante 14-17 Beluga Jamboree (Tuktoyaktuk) OH NOES SCHEDULING CONFLICT
May 5-7 White Fox Jamboree (Sachs Harbour)
June 9-11 Ride for Sight 14-15 Inuvik Petroleum Show 16-18 Kingalik Jamboree (Holman) 16-18 In House Slo-Pitch Tourney 21 National Aboriginal Day 24 Fun Run & Half Marathon 30-July 2 Men’s Slo-Pitch Tournament mickeymvt
July 1 Canada Day Celebrations nos4a2no9 10-14 Residential School Reunion kalpurna 14-16 Billy Joss Golf Tournament (Holman) 14-23 Great Northern Arts Festival 16 National Parks Day 28-August 2 Gwich'in Gathering 29-30 Canoe Days (Tsiigehtchic)
August 4-7 Midnight Sun Slo-Pitch Tourney shoemaster 4-7 21st Midway Lake Music Festival (Ft. McPherson) 11-14 Ikhalukpik Jamboree (Paulatuk) 25-27 End of the Road Music Festival the_antichris
September Inuvik Darts Tournament 1-3 Dizzy Daze (Aklavik) 2 10th John Alfred Francis Canoe Days (Ft. McPherson) 17 Terry Fox Run 22 Inuvik Youth Center Annual Silent Auction & Dinner Friday
October Waste Reduction Week 6-9 Delta Daze
November 14th Hannah Stewart Memorial Loche Derby (Aklavik) SAMS Christmas Craft & Gift Sale
December 2-14 Twelve Days of Christmas etcetera_cat 11-15 Christmas Light Up & Decorating Event

Note: The creators would like to point out, uh, other uses for the term 'pitching' when it comes to the slo-pitch tournaments.

General Info

1. Primary language: English
2. Secondary languages: Native - Inuvialuktun, Gwich'in, North Slavey
3. 68 degrees 18'N; 133 degrees 29'W
4. East Channel of the Macenzie River Delta
5. 97 km south of the Beaufort Sea
6. Inuvik is 10 degrees further west than Vancouver.
7. Located on a flat wooded plateau with northernmost reaches of the tree line east of the Richardson Mountains.
Area of Inuvik:
8. 57 square km - approximately 5% utilized.
Distance to Main Airport:
9. 8 miles or 14 Km.
Housing Units (June, 1990):
10. Single Family 357 units justbreathe80
11. Duplex 92 units
12. Row Houses 379 units
13. Mobile Homes 112 units
14. Apartments 493 units
15. TOTAL 1,433 units
16. Inuvik enjoys 56 days of twenty four (24) hours of daylight (late June, July and part of August) and has 30 days without sunlight mostly in the month of December.
17. Temperature: Mean Annual -9.7 degrees Celsius (14.54 degrees Fahrenheit)
18. Extreme Maximum: +31.7 degrees Celsius (89.06 degrees Fahrenheit)
19. Extreme Minimum: - 56.7 degrees Celsius (- 70.06 degrees Fahrenheit)
20. Warmest Month: July
21. Coldest Month: January
22. Annual Precipitation: 266.1 mm (10.5 in.)
23. Driest Month: February
24. Wettest Month: August
25. Wind Speed: Mean Annual 10.1 km/h (6.1 mph)
26. Sunshine: Days with 24 hours of sun - 56
27. Darkness: Days with 0 hours of sun - 30
Traffic Lights:
28. There is one traffic light at the intersection of Mackenzie Road and Distributor Street. shihadchick
High Temperature Heat:
29. Some buildings in Inuvik are heated by high-temperature steam heat, which is piped through parts of the Town etcetera_cat

Ice Roads
30. The cold winter months provides a direct connection from Inuvik to Aklavik and Tuktoyaktuk which otherwise doesn't exist. (approximately January-April) joandarck
31. Aklavik 112 km
32. Tuktoyaktuk 194 km
33. During the winter months, Inuvik gets its water from the East Channel of the Mackenzie River

Recreation Services
The Inuvik Family Centre
34. The Town of Inuvik Recreation Department would like to welcome the three new Inuvik Family Centre lifeguards Colin Halsall, Natasha Schwindt and Lindsay Wood. Come visit the Inuvik Family Centre and meet our new staff!
35. The Inuvik Family Centre will be offering Bronze Star, Bronze Medallion, and NLS. For more information please call Bobby at 777-8642
36. Summer Swimming Lessons
37. National Lifeguard Service
38. Youth Swim Team
39. 190 foot waterslide omphale23
40. Lane swim pool
41. Leisure pool
42. Tot pool
43. Lazy River
44. Hot Tub
45. Sauna
46. Steam Room
47. Squash Courts
48. Play Zone including miniature climbing wall and Mike's Treehouse Jungle Gym
49. Party Room
50. Lifesaving Society Classes
51. Junior Lifeguard Club
52. Adult Swim Lessons llassah
53. Aquafit
54. Public Swim
55. Family Swim
56. Adult Swim
57. Teen Swim
58. Swim Team
59. Sports Hour

Library Services:
60. The summer reading program "Quest for Heroes" has started. The program will run Wednesdays from 2-3 p.m. Come in and read all about your favourite super hero. katrin
61. The library has received a large number of new books for all ages and will be ordering more soon. Come on in and see what's new.
62. Suggestions for new book titles are always welcome.
63. Moving? Please remember the Library as you sort out your book collection and the stuff you don't want to take with you. The Library is always willing to accept donations of books. omphale23
64. We will also take craft items, especially leftover wool.
65. The Library now has wireless access available.
66. In June we had 4771 patrons use the Library and logged 1124 hours of computer use. We also had visits from 258 tourists.
67. Pretty Mural on the wall!
68. Why would you want to drive the Dempster Highway to go to the library?
69. To find out about the history of the highway itself?
70. To find out the name of the birds you saw along the highway?
71. To find out about the flowers growing along the highway and the Boot Lake Trail?
72. To discover what the aluminum boxes that run behind our houses are called?

Tourist Information
73. Western Arctic Regional Visitor Centre Open June to September Located on Mackenzie Road as soon as you enter town. The visitor centre contains may interesting exhibits of art flora and fauna, wildlife, information on Beaufort Delta communities and tourism information. Arctic Circle Certificates available here! slidellra

74. Our Lady of Victory Roman Catholic Church (The Igloo Church) One of thee most popular tourist attractions in Inuvik! 174 Mackenzie Road Tours available (summer months) pocketmouse

75. Inuvik Community Greenhouse The most northern greenhouse in North America and the only one of its kind in the world (converted from an old arena)! Located on the corner of Loucheux Road and Breynant St.

76. Mackenzie Road The main street in town, Mackenzie Road is lined with northern souvenir and gift shops, retails stores, businesses, as well as a variety of coffee shops, pubs, and restaurants, offering everything on the menu from Northern delicacies to Chinese food, pizza, and fine dining. etben

77. Boot Lake Trail Well groomed with beautiful scenery year-round, the Jimmy Adams Peace Trail around Boot Lake is a great place to go for a walk, hike, run, or even snowshoe! See Town Map for access points (town map link).

78. The Mackenzie River The East Channel of the Mackenzie River that flows to the Beaufort Sea and Arctic Ocean! In the winter, the Mackenzie turns into an ice road which allows for road travel to Aklavik and Tuktoyaktuk (January to April approximately).

79. Inuvik Ski Club Home of Canada’s Olympic cross-country skiers, Sharon and Shirley Firth. Located on Loucheux Road behind the Midnight Sun Recreation Center. The Ski Club has 4 well-groomed trails, including a lit trail.

80. Ingamo Hall Friendship Centre Located on Mackenzie Road, this facility hosts many cultural events and community feasts. It was built in 1977 with 850 logs rafted down the Mackenzie River from Fort Simpson and is the largest log building north of the Arctic Circle!

81. Inuvik’s Inukshuk A traditional symbol of Inuit culture, the inukshuk was used as a landmark and navigation aid. The statue represents the form of a human with outstretched arms and is known as a symbol of hospitality and friendship in the north. Located at the corner of Mackenzie Road and Distributor St. nos4a2no9

82. 'The Infamous' Dempster Highway "A highway like the Dempster is a destination in itself. It is Canada’s only public highway that crosses the Arctic Circle, and it’s one of the most spectacular roads in the world" (Western Arctic Handbook 2002). izzybeth

83. Town Hall Stop by the Town Hall and sign our guest book and pick up a Town of Inuvik souvenir pin! Also the place to pick up your Town of Inuvik clothing and souvenirs! (link to Town Gear) Located at 2 Firth St

84. The Tourist of the Week Program is a 12 week program that runs in the summer and is sponsored by local businesses in town, who donate gifts and souvenirs to create a Tourist of the Week gift bag. Each week one lucky tourist is randomly selected somewhere on the streets of Inuvik and is awarded the gift bag. They also receive their photo in the next issue of the local newspaper, The Inuvik Drum. mrsronweasley

85. The RCMP- Royal Canadian Mounted Police: The 13 person detachment and 2 support staff serves the Inuvik Region, Holman Island, Paulatuk and a portion of the Dempster Highway.

For additional ideas, we suggest looking at the street names and businesses.

Other (found/claimed by participants)
-Mike Zubko Airport pulsar4529

-Your Mods, shoemaster and kalpurna
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