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28 October 2006 @ 10:15 pm
SO. I know none of you could have POSSIBLY anticipated this, seeing as how shoemaster and I are such sticklers for punctuality, but we are extending the deadline by a week for your inuvikdotcom fic. So that would make it November 8th. We've seen a lot of freaking out lately, so that can stop now. Enjoy yourselves! You have another week! PLUS another hour tonight because of Daylight Savings. Go trick or treating or something. We are SO excited about the fic that has been posted so far, and we can't wait to read yours. (Yeah, you!)
Title: "A Funny Thing Happened..."
Author: mrsronweasley
Pairing: F/K
Length: 4400 words
Notes: Um. Somewhere out there, a queer Chicago cop is twitching. With huge thanks to aneli8 and brooklinegirl for their invaluable betas, especially to Anna for not pulling any punches, and BLG for going through a few drafts, holding my hand and finally, doing a quick-and-dirty beta over IM, while cheerleading and coming up with a way to solve my problem. I love you, ladies, oh so very much.

Prompt: #84 - The Tourist of the Week Program is 12 week program that runs in the summer and is sponsored by local businesses in town, who donate gifts and souvenirs to create a Tourist of the Week gift bag. Each week one lucky tourist is randomly selected somewhere on the streets of Inuvik and is awarded the gift bag. They also receive their photo in the next issue of the local newspaper, The Inuvik Drum.

A Funny Thing Happened...
25 October 2006 @ 08:41 pm
For reasons that don't need exploring at this juncture - fine. because my sanity was at stake - I divided this into three parts, and I just posted the first part. (The prompt doesn't really turn up until part two.) Thanks and notes at my LJ.

F/K, Rated R, 7000 words.

Prompt: 30. The cold winter months provide a direct connection from Inuvik to Aklavik and Tuktoyaktuk which otherwise doesn't exist. (approximately January-April)

After the Nile
25 October 2006 @ 09:42 am
736 kilometers (457 miles)
K/V, rated R, 4843 words
prompt #82: the Dempster Highway

road trip! millions of thanks to my veritable army of betas, shihadchick, the_antichris, and rhythmsextion. they listened to me whine. a lot. i'm not kidding. for the record: i did not insert every single comma Chris told me to. because i am a belligerent cuss.

also: please to enjoy this interactive map of the Dempster Highway. more than you ever wanted to know about it.

736 kilometers (457 miles)Collapse )
25 October 2006 @ 12:54 am
Okay so now it's open for REAL.

-the prettiest mod in the whole wide world

p.s. How much do I love the website? A lot, obviously, but especially because of this: a big Mahsi cho, quyanaq, thank you, merci, shukrin, for allowing me to serve you and the community from the former mayor. I can only guess at three of those languages. No wonder Fraser can speak eighteen.
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24 October 2006 @ 04:18 pm
A House Is Not A Home
F/K, NC-17, 20,782 words

Prompt: 10. Single Family (housing) 357 units

This is my post-CotW thing that ate my BRAIN. But now it is done and I am releasing it to the wild, which makes me happier than I can say. YAY.

Many, many thanks to my gaggle of betas. To brooklinegirl, who read this in parts, even though I was shooting them off to her faster than she could keep up with them, and then read it AGAIN, just because I asked and she loves me. Thanks, darling, for pushing me to make it make SENSE. And telling me that it was okay to fade-to-black.

Thanks to riverlight, who did beta duty in the midst of settling in to her new life in DC, and to my darling strangecobwebs, who betaed old-school style, by printing it out and editing on the plane on Friday. I heart you!

A House Is Not a Home (on my site)
24 October 2006 @ 10:18 am
So I've been up for half an hour and am only now realizing what today is. *flail* But yes! It is October 24 so if you have a story ready and raring to go (justbreathe80) feel free to post starting now!


P.S. The rest of us bums still have a week to get things finished up, cleaned up and posted in that 'I win at deadlines' kind of way.

EDIT So I'm kind of really, really, really, really pretty and thought today was tomorrow. Obviously, I thought I was in Australia or some place cool like that where it's already the 25th.

I'm going to go hide over here in the corner now. *facedesk*
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17 October 2006 @ 12:33 am
Until you can all start posting your fics! Who's excited? Me, I'm excited.

Now, we don't want anyone to have a freakout or work themselves into a tizzy because they can't finish their prompt(s) within the next week or two. So FRET NOT. The mods live in the biggest glass houses in the world and couldn't even begin to be strict, so try try try, but really just finish it when you can and make us gleeful when a late story shows up like a surprise!

But those of you that need a deadline to get it done? I won't love you as much if its late, so NYEAH.

If you do get your prompt done and are just like "Damn, I am so bereft without something Inuvik related to write!" feel free to claim more.
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Hi all! I hope the stories are going well, or at least that the plot bunnies are starting to resemble fully-grown rabbits and not the annoying, dusty little things that hang out underneath your bed. I myself have foolishly claimed two prompts and rather than, y'know, actually sit down and attempt all that writing, I decided to do what I do best and research. Hours and hours of it, using the best tools of teh interweb to get a complete sense of life in our favorite arctic community. (Those tools? Um, basically Google and links from Wikipedia. I'm ashamed to call myself a grad student).

In the midst of all my research I spouted off to the great shoemaster (and, by extension, to the equally-awesome kalpurna) that I would post on researching life in Inuvik and the Great Canadian North. Because, again...way better to do that than actually write my damn stories. shoemaster seemed to like the idea that, once this challenge is done and all the stories have been posted (and we've all read and enjoyed the hotmansexfictional portrayals life in the Far North) that this comm can become a repository of knowledge about life in Inuvik. Something to pass down to our fangirl descendants, you might say.

Anyway, I now present to you some of the fruits of my intense labour on behalf of the community and environment of Inuvik. Links, pictures to get you inspired, and fun factual details not included on the odd and endearing inuvik.ca website can be found below. Please include your own research finds in the comments - remember, you're doing it for the next generation of due South fans! How will they manage to write about kinky p0rnlife in the Arctic circle if you don't help them out and show them where to find photographs of the Inuvik community garden? HOW?

Really? Would that be downtown Inuvik or more the outskirts?Collapse )
Okay, so that's all I have for now. Please post your own squeal-worthy links and make us all better, more competent, more accurate Inuvik writers. And good luck on those stories!
14 August 2006 @ 03:04 pm
So here's how we're planning for this to work: we went through the website and gathered some fun facts to use as prompts, which are listed below. Initial prompt claiming is going to be open from now until Thursday. During this time, we're going to ask that you just sign up for one (1) prompt, so everyone gets a chance to claim something. But after Wednesday, we're throwing it WIDE OPEN, so go wild! Please don't sign up for more prompts than you think you're going to be able to write, but aside from that, the sky's the limit.

The posting period is October 25th through November 1st. We're not going to be crazy sticklers about that deadline, but we would LOVE to be able to read all of your stories as soon as possible, so if you can, try and plan to be finished during that time frame.

One last note: this is a rich and wonderful resource, so by all means, don't limit yourselves to the prompts we've listed! Go forth and find your own as well! Any pairings, any genre. This is a Due South challenge, but crossovers are welcome, including RPS.

The PromptsCollapse )

-Your Mods, shoemaster and kalpurna
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